Evam Stand-Up Tamasha presents The Yogi and the Bear, and a one-by- 2 stand-up comedy special featuring brand new content from Alex and Baggy. Alex ‘The Yogi’ is married, with 2 kids, a practicing yoga guru with a penchant for the peaceful life! It also has ‘The Bear’, Baggy – single, struggling, out to take on the world and without enough excuses to be a party ‘animal’.

A unique coming together of two completely different personalities, 2 clashing perspectives resulting in 1 awesomely humorous show! The yin and the yawn, the old man and the ton, the Yogi and the Bear! Just think of us like tomato soup, best had one by two and with a pinch of salt. P.S. No Yogis or Bears were harmed in the creation of this show, although some producers might have gotten mauled.

The design objective here was to come up with the unit for the show and also the other collaterals that included designs for Social Media, Print and In-Venue branding.