Jimikki Kammal​​​​​​​
Jimikki Kammal, is a 2017 song from the soundtrack of the Malayalam film Velipadinte Pusthakam (2017). The song is composed by Shaan Rahman and sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan and Ranjith Unni. The song became viral and produced several dance covers uploaded by fans on YouTube.

Jimikki Kammal became the most watched Malayalam song ever on Youtube. The tributes as dance covers with variations poured in from all parts of the world. Russians danced to it; Estonians sang along. The tune became a staple at parties and weddings, and clocked million of views on YouTube. The American television presenter and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, whose name resembles the song title, has tweeted about it.

Here's a small tribute that we tried for Jimikki Kammal. Its also started our #doodleinmotion series. The team: Shaza Sherin (Illustration) Bharat S (Animation)