This was an award entry by Digitally Inspired Media for the 2018 ET Brand Equity Young Spikes India Integrated. My role was to provide the team with design assistance in the form of creation of a logo and outdoor collaterals.

Team: Babu Sivakumar, Copywriter & Riha Fathima, Account Planner
Design: Bharat S
Video: Don Elton
Website: Gokul
Agency: Digitally Inspired Media

Due to the ban of plastics imposed by the government, all restaurants and shops had stopped using plastics for some time. However, within a month, they started re-using plastic and no customers objected to it either. Design an integrated campaign to make people internalize the seriousness of the issue and proactively stop using plastics.

Plastic land is a glimpse of a distopian future that we are soon going to share with plastics. The thought stems from the insight that there is public unawareness and ignorance about collective plastic waste and hence "one plastic cover / straw" wont hurt anyone attitude.

The idea for the logo was inspired by amusement parks - A line of thought for one of the outdoor activation. The colours for the logo was intentionally vibrant to match the theme of amusement park.
The Logo in 4 colour format
The different iterations of the logo
Other logo option 1
Other logo option 2
Outdoor Activation involves taking over public landmarks to emphasise on the seriousness of excess plastic use, outdoor standalone fun units like claw machine etc. and touching people's everyday lives through activations in public markets and transport.